My Top 3 Favourite Beverages

  1. Green Tea: Why? Not only is it absolutely de-lish! BUT…. It increases one’s metabolism (HELLO LADIES AND GENTS increased metabolism=WEIGHTLOSS). For all of you who are in denial of the aging process your denial can go on longer BECAUSE…. green tea is great for the skin. It can smooth out the lines and help with aging. Antioxidants are great, aren’t they? ‘They’ve’ even done studies where applying green tea to the skin can reduce the signs of sun damage. Now, as a sun lover myself, all summer long green tea is at my side. (Along with a margarita or two). Although I am not diabetic, those of you who are, green tea can regulate glucose levels, which is excellent because it slows down blood sugar levels after a meal. It can protect our brain cells, (my boyfriend should probably drink more green tea {note to self}). Okay, I could honestly go on and on about how wonderful green tea is (hmm-maybe I’ll write a blog about it) HOWEVER I will end on one good note about green tea. Think about this, it has been used for medicinal purposes for years! And when I say years I mean like hundreds. Therefore green tea is awesome balls in my books!
  2. Water: Why? Like green tea, your metabolism is increased! It detoxifies your body, helps our body absorb and transfer more nutrients and oxygen. Your body depends on some H20! The brain is 90% water! Don’t drink enough water, then you are stupid, and your are so because you didn’t drink enough water.
  3. Milk: Why? Picture a balloon. Now picture a balloon without air. Yup. That’s right folks, us with milk we deflate into nothingness. No, not really, but you get the point. Milk helps with bone density, bone density is bone strength. I don’t know about you, but I do not want to suffer osteoporosis, nor do I want to snap in half or brake down after I hit the big 3 0! Milk is also awesome to bathe in, not because it tingles and feels like you are swimming in a cloud, but because it’s like water and green tea and is great for the skin. Also VITAMINS, so many vitamins are in milk is outrageous!!!! Vitamin A, D, B12, calcium, potassium, protien!!! Yup milk is pretty stella. And hey, there is nothing sexier than a milk stash. Mmmmmm milk.

Alrighty folks that is my top three beverages, what are yours? I know, some of you who read this will say, Seriously Cait? No beer! No Pop! Well, no…I love em, but I tried bathing in beer, ya not great for the skin. Mmmmm beer…..


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