5 Tips For The Ladies: Men

  • Men prefer ladies to be healthy, no coke whores,and definitely no MacDonald’s regulars. I’m not saying a little junk in the trunk ain’t okay, don’t hide your lady lumps or stress over a few wrinkles here and there. Just remember beauty is from the inside out, a healthy mind=healthy body. A girl with confidence, means she won’t be nagging him 24/7 and trust me, guys appreciate it greatly.
  • Boys love their mama’s, they do! Let them love them, and understand that they will be a part of your life no matter what. Ain’t nothing we can do about it.
  • Believe it or not, men are huge Gossips. HUGE! Ever watch Gossip Girl? When the damn show was finally over the “Gossip Girl” in the end was non other than a dude! FOR REALS!!! You tell a bloke one thing and before you know it everyone in town knows about it. I swear they are worse then women.
  • Never hurt his ego. Face it, males are egotistical man-droids. Let their head inflate to it’s capacity and let it air out slowly. Also try, to give them compliments about their accomplishments (i.e promotions, etc.)
  • Push those fuckers! They have high aspirations and goals, but you literally have to kick their asses, to get them to achieve them.

Um, that is all for now….


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