(3 WAYS) To Tone The Trouble Zones

First off, I would like to say, I am not a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, nor am I academically educated in fitness. That being said: I think I know my shit pretty well, so here are some of my tips for toning those trouble zones.girl-squats-bar

Squat: This is where I call toning your trouble zone, toning your bone zone. When in doubt, squat! This sexy little move, tones your glutes and thighs and my oh my she fucking works. Put your feet about hip-width apart, lower down and up, shifting the weight on your heels (don’t allow you knee pass your toes). Make sure to keep you chest up, stick your bum out, back straight. You can use weights, or resistance bands or just your body weight, it doesn’t fucking matter what you use.

YOU WILL SEE RESULTS and fast! I squat everywhere and as often as I can, I
squat in the washroom when shaking the piss out or shitting (why do you think they call it Pop a Squat), when it’s cold out I squat to warm up, sometimes when the bench is taken at the bus stop I squat beside the bench I’m that squatting crazy. Get rid of the mush, by squatting your tush!

Chest Press: Now, there are quite a few ways to do this one. This sly move tones your chest and triceps and boy does it make your boobies perky and strong! Depending on your strength and please fitness friends do not kid yourself, use light to medium to heavy weights. I use 5lbs right now, and working myself up to the 8lbsers. I prefer lying on the ground, while doing the chest press, I find it keeps my body in line, and arms in proper form.

chest-press-1-0801-fbLie face up, knees bent (if you prefer, I know I do), while holding weights in both hands, straighten your arms and then bend until your elbows and triceps touch the ground. Continue this motion of lifting. I do, about 20 reps/3sets.

If you would like some extra resistance try using a resistance band.  Either have some hold the back of the resistance band, or wrap it around a pole or pillar. 1001-chest-press(Something sturdy or your ass will go flying). Although you will be standing for this one, it is similar to lying on the ground, you will push your arms forward from your chest and retract back. Make sure your elbows do not go past your back.

Crunches: What lady doesn’t like a nice flat stomach with some definition? I know I do. I absolutely love crunches and despite what people may say, I believe they are one of the best ways to earn those abs. And please do not use, the ab machines, I’m sure they work, but I guess I’m just more old school. Crunch, side ways, arms up, with weights, resistance bands, just crunch the fuck up! I go mad house for them everyday and you should too! I’m not going to tell you how to crunch because if you don’t know how, you are dead to me.woman-crunch-300x198

Now, please keep in mind, these are just three very effective ways to tone your body up and make it all sexy like. Again, I will re-iterate I am not a fitness expert by any means, but a fitness fanatic I am. Workout, work hard and the results you see will be worth it!



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