One DAM Night!

First off, before I tell you about my night on Saturday, March 2nd, at the Giggle Dam, let me get something off my chest. Who the fuck calls a place the Giggle Dam? Honestly, it sounds like something I put up tight in my gash to prevent accidents. (Yes, my cunt laughs). Another thing, giggle is such a funny word. Giggle. Alright, I’m done, that’s all I had.

So for those of you who don’t know the Giggle Dam is dinner theatre, more specifically comedy dinner theatre. Now, I have been to my fair share of dinner theatres, I’ve been to murder mysteries, musicals and they are very much a 50/50 thing. Some are pretty ‘neat’, others suck balls. This one was ‘meh’, but enjoyable nonetheless. Now, it’s usually hard for me to enjoy shows, mainly because I have done theatre and currently act in and around Vancouver, (knowing the ins and outs of the business can sometimes demolish the surprise). 

When I attend dinner theatre, my heart instantly goes out to the actors, whether they want it or not. Man, do I feel sorry for those suckers. That is the one place I do not ever want to end up with my acting career, I would rather work at a Denny’s before I hit the dinner theatre. (Please keep in mind this is matter of opinion, also keep in mind my opinion matters). I’m sure the actors enjoy themselves there, it at least seems like they do, which is a good sign (for them).  For me, not my thing, I’ll go there to watch, to eat and not pay for a ticket, but that is the most involvement I want in dinner theatre.

The theme for that night’s show was 8o’s, that’s cool, I dig, although I think 80’s have been over done. When we enter the theatre we are assigned seats, because my boyfriend and I were there, along with his family to celebrate his dad’s birthday we sat very close to the stage. (Always a bonus).

They have their appetizer out already waiting for us on the table. I did not eat it, nor did my boyfriend’s sister, which was somewhat funny because it was probably the most healthiest appetizer I had ever seen with tomatoes, cheese and green stuff(also known as salad). Instead we fed it to our arm candy, which they ate no problemo.

While the audience was still settling in, the actors were dressed in 80’s attire. Oh before I forgot to mention, “Ozzy Ozbourne” was also there. Now, if I were these actors I would do two things before the show: do a line of coke or be drunk as fuck (especially since it was the finale show). I did not see evidence of any of these actors doing this, for that, I applaud them greatly.

Once the audience has arrived and the doors to the theatre are closed the show begins. The host comes out, English accent (fake), punk/rock rocker kind of vibe going on, tank, leather, mullet wig etc. He cracks wise, kind of funny, introduces the other actors, the sounds guys, makes some announcements and the show officially, officially begins.

Now call me cunt if you wish, but I do not think the sounds operators and backstage hand need to be mentioned. Who the fuck cares, but the actors anyways? I know I fucking don’t, especially as an audience member. Yes, they work hard, and their work is quite tedious and they need to be on the ball for the show to run through smoothly, HOWEVER! It completely ruins the element of surprise for the audience. This also goes to when the thank yous and the curtain call are happening. The audience does not care for the back stage crew, just the actors. WHY?! Because that’s all we fucking see and that is all that matters for us. We don’t pay money to see a stage hand work! Think about it! If my future offspring becomes a stage hand and asks me to attend the show, I would say fuck no! Unless of course there is full frontal nudity involved with the actors (not the stage crew).

So anyways, we order our food, and have our main courses set. The actors are performing cute, nostalgic skits, some comedy involved. Now one thing I commend dinner theatres for, is their involvement with the audience. Most of the stuff they do is in fact improv because they revolve their skits around the audience, and there is a different audience every night. This part is awesome and I definitely enjoy it!

Because it was my father in law’s birthday, (along with many other people who I don’t care about), he was selected to be in the show! AWESOME! Michael Jackson, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  He was dressed up as the King of Pop and was absolutely hilarious! I dribbled in my pants for sure, I was laughing so hard.

They did quite a bit of singing too. Didn’t really enjoy it so much, if I wanted to watch singers I’d go to a concert with people who can actually sing. I mean, these actors had voices for sure, and could definitely hum a tune, but fuck, just stick to the comedy.

All in all, a good night! It was long, but the food was alright, the skits were alright, but being in good company is what made it fun!

Giggle Dam, you are alright in my books.


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