Piss Flaps, Cookie,

Beef Bucket, Pookie

Pootie-tang, Cock Socket,

Poochie, Clown Pocket,

Box, Smush Mitten,

The Mouth, Wet Kitten,

Slip and Slide,

Park and Ride

Fur Burger, Lady Parts,

Naughty Bits, Fart Heart,

Erection Correction,

Yeast’er’ Infection,

Panty Hampster, Cock Sock,

Fun Bags,  Sperm Box,

Vagine, The Nether Lips,

Pickle Taster, Peach Tips,

Cum Crack, Pound Cake,

Front Bum, Tunnel for Snakes,

Beaver, Whispering Eye,

Cunt, Hair Pie,

Velvet Pouch,  Pink Taco,

Clam, Black Hole

I could talk about this all the time-a….

This special word is 

ImageI have one, chances are if you don’t have a penis you also have one. 


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