iF VidEo GamES wErE PoRNos….

Often times in the mornings, before I am fully awake, yet I’m not quite sleeping I tend to have thoughts streaming through my mind. Some are what I call absolutely brilliant, which later in the day I realize aren’t quite so brilliant and some which are just shit, but still make me giggle as I lie in my half comatose state of mind.

This mornings thought: If video games where pornos…

Skyrim Job

Balls of Duty: BlackCocks


Poke-a-mom: OldImage

Super Smash Hoes.

God of Whores

Final Fantasy XXX

The Elder Holes: IV


Twinks of Persia

Gayman: The Date Rape

Now in those early hours of the morning to me this was a GENIUS idea….now that I’ve typed it up and read it once over, i’m thinking not so much….thoughts?


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