TheTouchy Feely

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of questions, feedback, criticism regarding my blogging. More specifically who I am and where I stand. So I’ve been reading and re-reading my writing. Knowing who I am and the people who personally know me I find can read my blogging with a little more ….hmmm…..what is the word…..ease? (not sure if that is the word). But stepping into the shoes of someone who doesn’t drunk text me at 2 am or someone who doesn’t hold my hair back while I’m spewing that mornings breakfast, I could understand how some may think me to be vulgar, disrespectful and rude. Well, folks, I am definitely vulgar and rude.

So my cyber friendlies, I’ve decided to give you a little ‘in the know’ of who I am. This shall we say is the touchy feely without the touchy feely. And hopefully upon further reading my blogs, WE. BE. COOL.

This is me. Image

This is also me. Image

My full name is Caitlin Ann Keeshig. However, I go by many, Cait, Caitlin, Caitlin Ann, Caitles, Caitsith, Caitress and Cait Ann…However, do not, and I repeat do not EVER call me Caitie, I won’t hear it and I won’t respond to it! In grade 4, there was another girl named Caitlin, however she spelt hers as Katelan. Coin toss for who was to be called Caitie, even though I insistently volunteered to be called Cait. I lost the coin toss. Balls!

I grew up with an Indian father (feather not the dot), a white mother, and five half-breed siblings. My brother is the oldest also the example of what not to do, the oldest sister is the example of what to do, the second oldest sister is the nice one, the second youngest is more the introvert and the baby is well she’s damn near 20. I fit right in the middle of the girls. My role in the family was well, even though I was blessed with a cunt I  pulled my penis from my panties and took on the ‘Big Brother’ role always trying to protect my sisters from creepers, and the Jehovah’s.

My parents raised us off the reserve, which I am thankful for. That being said I love going back to the reserve visiting family. I was a very active growing up. I was a swimmer (even though my brother was the fastest swimmer), dancer and athlete. I also did a two year stint as a brownie, but decided to retire after they moved me on to girl guides before I was able to collect all brownie badges.

I love having a big family and I love be with them, but I also love being away from them. So when I was 17 I came out here to beautiful Vancouver and grow up on my own (this my friends is a long process).

If you’ve been a current follower/reader of my blogs I would hope you would know by now I am an avid video gamer. This was a skill handed down by my brother. Because of him myself and the two younger sister’s play vids like ‘it ain’t no thang’, it also caused all of my sister’s including myself in search of men who play video games to one day potential mate with (even if it’s just a Sims baby).

My two best girlfriends from junior high to high school are still my best girlfriends, even if we only talk once in awhile and see each other every few years.

I’m a happy person, even when I’m sad and depressed.

I’m very competitive, but I can lose with grace (although this happens almost never).

I love board games. It’s unfortunate not many people play them anymore at least not my current possey.

My favourite colour is green (more specifically Mint Green).

I am claustrophobic.

I also have this weird phobia where I can’t touch nor consume small round things (maltesers, grapes, marbles, mini eggs etc.)

I always have to have a pair of red shoes.

I have a cat, even though I am more of a dog person. My cat’s name is Olive, and I believe she is a reincarnation of my old cat Gertie who was obese.

I’m pretty care-free and laid back. I don’t like to fight, argue or debate.

I don’t believe in God, but I would baptize my child.

I think that everyone should learn English. I also think that everyone should know at least one other language. (Sólo digo el inglés)

If I ever have children, I intend to name my first daughter after my beloved dog, that served as my nanny growing up.

I love working out and feel I look my best sweaty.

I also feel I look my best in sweatpants.

My favourite day in the week is Thursday.

My favourite drinks are, H2O, green tea and honer lagers.

I usually will try anything once (accept pull a Ke$ha and drink my own piss)

My favourite part of my body is my nose.

I enjoy cracking wise with strangers and friends.

My favourite food is raspberry cheesecake.

Stretching makes me feel good. Also busting makes me feel good.

I love funny men.

I am a Scorpio. Also a bitch.

I riff off on tangents a lot, not always making a point, but love giving verbal diarrhea.

I used to collect bridal books as a child. As I got older I would buy bridal books to scare away men,(I would be too chicken shit to dump them, but when I did have the balls it was usually via text).

My favourite story growing up and still is my favourite book is “The Velveteen Rabbit”.

My favourite movies are Moulin Rouge, and The Wizard of Oz.

I never got along with my oldest sister until university.

Britney Spears if my guilty pleasure, bitch.

I’m certified in Zumba and First Aid.

I’m also self-certified and being a domestic engineer.

I recently found out that my mom has been lying to me and hasn’t been 29 for the last 15 years.

I get lonely being out here.

My grandma is amazing. I don’t know what I would do without her in my life. She is who I aspire to be one day: old and bat shit crazy. JUST KIDDING! She is kind, understanding and just loves.

I am currently working on adapting video games story lines to film scripts that are actually good.

I secretly yearn for Tarantino’s approval of my feet.

I’ve read all the Harry Potter Books and the Twilight Series (I’m team: can’t believe I just told you guys I read all the Twilight books).

My goal in life is just to be happy.

I met my boyfriend in 2008 over birthday shots. We’ve been together ever since. Our relationship isn’t perfect, and it’s a struggle, but it’s one worth having.

I have all the whole series of Sailor Moon.

I have dreams to own a fox one day.

I get really intense anxiety about things that just don’t matter. My anxiety gets to the point wear I can’t eat, and can not stand socializing to the walls.

I see dead people.

My favourite pass times are lying in the sun and sleeping.

I hate crying. I was never crier. After meeting my boyfriend I cried more often. Not sure if that has to do with my lady hormones, him specifically, anxiety or the loneliness I get.

I’m very selective with my friends.

I hate left overs unless it’s Chinese or turkey stuffing.

I love writing. Even if it’s nonsensical, more a rant full of tangents and run-on sentences.

There you have it cyber friends, here’s just a little bit of who I am. This my friends is the touchy feely without the touchy feely. Hopefully…nah fuck it!

P E A C E!


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