2014: Resolutions

It’s 2014 friends! Which means resolutions are to be made, some will last a couple weeks to a month (hey maybe even a year) and some are just a passing thought like a fart in the wind. SO! As per tradition of the coming year I have set myself some resolutions to be attempted, completed and mastered!

1) Swim more often. I hate the ocean, but love floating in water and I am sorry, but my bathtub just isn’t cutting it anymore. At least once a week would be ideal, but also owning my own pool would be ideal as well.

2) Teaching my cat to hi-five.

3) Always look for the good in others.Image 

4) Let go of the past.

5) Be more of a lady. (PFFF..HA! I crack myself up).

6) Go to more concerts.

7) Read more. Some books I am aiming to read are: Serena by Ron Rash, Wild by Cheryl Green, The Hunger Game (Series) by Suzanne Collins, The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, A Game of Thrones (Series) by George R.R. Martin

8) Be more awesome than last year.

9) Learn a new recipe. But perhaps I should learn how to cook. I have yet attempted to move from my microwave.

10) Drink more wine. I am more of a beer drinker myself, but my recent holiday feasting of red and wines was simple divine.

11) Being a creature of habit, I tend to stay with what I know. I know my honey lagers and cream ales! But this year I would seriously like to attempt one new beer a month.

12) Dance to one song a day. I tell ya, there is nothing like a great booty shake in the morning, noon and night!

13) Speaking of moves, I hereby, would like to play more board games, particularly TWISTER! 

14) By the game TWISTER.

15) Do more cursive writing.Image

16) Ummmm….I guess I could cuddle more.

17) Phone Grandma.

18) Finally decide on which gaming console is more amazing.

19) Purchase…underwear.

20) Become Batman.

2014! Here I come!


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