Okay, this may seem like I am a broken record and if I am fuck you. Broken records can still play some great tunes. I’ve decided to blog about my favourite things. I think it had to do with my previous movie marathon of The Sound of Music. Yes folks, thats me JUST  watching The Sound of Music over and over again, my choice. OR perhaps and this is just perhaps it has to do with me getting the get-to-know-you done and over with. No more first dates needed! Just blog your favies, and tadah!!! You’ll be getting to 3rd base before you meet a bitch. Think about it this could be the new trend. I mean,  #trend.

These are random favourites, some quite useless and would probably never be mention during a lifer-courtship, but whatever. Alright, read me up creeps!

ImageFlower(s): Poppies! Perhaps it has to do with the poppies being my grandma’s favourite flower or because it made Dorothy fall asleep (sleep as ya’ll know by now is one of my favourite past times). Next too poppies I love tiger lilies. My grandma grew these (among other flowers), along side the house and they always caught my attention.

Actor(s): Straight up Leo DiCaprio and Ewan McGregor. Makes sense!

Colour: GREEN!

Dessert: Strawberry cheesecake.

Animal(s): EWOKS! And wolves and foxes.

Book: The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams and Fall on Your Knees by Anne-Marie MacDonald.

Movie: The Wizard of Oz and Moulin Rouge.

Number: 4, more specifically 04, looks better on a jersey.

Body Part: My nose, which may surprise many! I love my nose. It’s not too big, it’s not too small, it’s just right. 

Clothing:  Sweat pants and feathers!

Sport: Hmmm, well I enjoy playing Volleyball the most, but I prefer to watch male divers..haha…yeah….

Season: Fall. Everything about it is beautiful! The colours, styles, the crispy air, the feeling that Christmas is on it’s way and of course PUMPKIN SPICE!

Drink: Green tea, always green tea…mmmmmm green tea….

Podcast: The Adam Carolla Show!

Form of Exercise: Anything that gets me a sweating and my heart a pumping! So dancing, fucking, running, swimming…..

Video GAme: This is tough, because there are so many shitty ones and so many great ones. And then there are the games that where great during the time, but you look at it now and you’d rather eat a McMuffin that was shat out from a middle-aged man child with a baby arm. Therefore… Golden Eye (N64), Dishonored (Xbox), Prince of Persia Sands of Time (Game Cube) and yeah….that’ll do for now. OH WAIT, but the most epic and awesome video game Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Dudes, I’m telling you if they remade this game with pimped out graphics, that would be stellar!

Thing to shout: STELLA!! Preferably while I’m ripping my shirt up.

Director: Quentin Tarantino.

Super Hero: BATMAN! Image

Day: Thursday. Yoga, cardio cross and step class.

Qualities: Love, beauty, health.

Saying(s): There’s no place like home, suck it up, buttercup!

Drug: Love and when it’s not love its WoW crack.

Past times: Sleeping, dancing, exercising, laughing and video games.

Vacation Destination: Home, but if Tatooine would be an option I would just Tatooine.

Shoes: Moccasins and ruby red slippers.

Pet: I had an obese cat named Gertie who I loved dearly. She pissed on everything that wasn’t mine and poke me in the eye when I was attempting to sleep, she also served as a great pillow. Shyanne, was essentially my nana for atleast 12 years of my life. My currently cat, is still worker her way to my favourite list. She’s a bitch.

Food: French Fries.

Movie Character: The Tin Man and The Velveteen Rabbit.

MMmkay folks…..



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