5 REASONS TO: Zumba! Zumba!


I’m in love with a thing called ZUMBA!

  1. Full body workout. And when I say full, I mean FULL! You work your legs, gluts, abs, arms, hips, feet…your jumping, sweating, swinging, flying and it completely get’s your heart rate up!
  2. It’s a full on PARTAY! Honestly, everyone is in their own groove, dancing their hearts out. Adding their own style and ‘tude to the movements.
  3. ANYONE AND EVERYONE CAN ZUMBA! Like any fitness class the steps are modified from beginner to advance. But DO NOT let this discourage you. Beginner’s can sweat just as much as Advance.
  4. The music is killer! After a few classes once you know the routine, anytime you here a song on the radio, in the elevator, grocery store you will naturally ZUMBA! My little promise to you.
  5. CALORIES, calories and did I say calories? Because you are constantly moving for the better part of an hour, your body is burning more calories. You can burn up to 800 calories!!! Now that’s a weight loss plan that’s a PARTAY